Credit transfer

Have you studied at another institution or at Flinders University previously? You can apply to have this study recognised as credit toward your new program of study which could reduce the length of time required to complete your qualification.

Apply for credit

Who can apply

Everyone seeking credit transfer needs to lodge an application, including Flinders students transferring to another degree at Flinders.

When to apply

You should lodge your application no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the relevant semester/teaching period. If you do not lodge your application by then it may not be processed in time for your enrolment.

For some courses, credit applications will only be assessed once you have received an offer of admission to the course.

How to apply

To apply for credit transfer, complete these steps.

Step 1

Download and complete the Credit transfer application form (DOCX).

Step 2

Not required for Flinders students transferring to another Flinders course – go to step 3.

Attach the following documents:

  1. complete Official Academic Transcripts* and an explanation of the grading system
  2. detailed descriptions/learning outcomes for the topics/subjects completed (syllabus) at the time when the study occurred
  3. course outline explaining the structure of the program including topics covered, contact hours, duration of the program, and methods of assessment. This is not required if a credit agreement is in place (search the credit transfer database)
  4. any prior correspondence you may have received from Flinders regarding this credit application.

* Documents must be originals or certified true copies. Certified copies must bear an original signature and certification that the document is a true copy of the original. This can be obtained from a University Registrar or a Justice of the Peace.

Step 3

Determine the faculty responsible for your chosen degree. To find out which faculty your course belongs to:

Step 4

Submit your application via email or post to the faculty responsible for your chosen degree.

Note: Original (or certified) copies of academic transcripts must be mailed or presented to the faculty office for sighting before credit is awarded.

Via email:

Format the email with the subject: Student ID (if known), Last Name, First name – Course
eg  213XXXX Smith, John – Bachelor of Medical Science

Via post:

Faculty of XXXXX, Building
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100

  • Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law (Education Building)
  • Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (Health Sciences Building)
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering (Physical Sciences Building)
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Social Sciences South)

What happens next?

You will receive notification outlining the outcome of your credit transfer application and the amount of credit granted.

After receiving your Credit Transfer Notification you may need to change your study plan.

Contact your course coordinator or course administration officer for advice – refer to course advice details.

To apply for credit transfer you will need to complete either the undergraduate or postgraduate application form identifying on the form that you wish to apply for credit transfer and include:

  • an official transcript or results from previous studies
  • a copy of the subject description for each subject at the time studies were taken (including course description, number of contact hours, assessment method, language of instruction and final academic score
  • translations, if subject descriptions are in a language other than English.

When we receive your application we will compare the level and content of topics you have already completed with the syllabus and learning outcomes of topics in the Flinders’ course you wish to undertake.  A decision to award credit will be made once you have been admitted onto a course.

Further information

Representatives of Flinders University regularly make visits and attend events overseas and would like to meet you. Register your details below and we will let you know when we are in your area.

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About credit transfer

What you need to know about credit

Eligibility for credit does not guarantee entry to a course at Flinders. If you would like more information about the entry requirements for a particular course refer to Courses and Programs.

When we receive your credit transfer application we will compare the level and content of topics you have already completed with the syllabus and learning outcomes of topics in the Flinders course you are about to undertake.

If your previous area of study is not related to your university study, some degrees allow for general credit to be awarded based on your level of the TAFE/VET qualification only, irrelevant of the content matter.

Refer to the Policy on Credit Transfer for further information.

Types of credit

There are 3 types of credit:

  • Specified credit: This is awarded when the study already undertaken is substantially the same standard and has substantially the same syllabus as an equivalent topic offered at Flinders.
  • Unspecified credit: This is awarded on the basis of work which is deemed to be equivalent in amount and academic value to a body of work at Flinders for which there is no direct topic equivalent.
  • Block credit: This is awarded for work of a similar standard in a program of studies (e.g. major/minor) which is equivalent to one offered at Flinders.

If you have completed a topic at another institution which is not directly equivalent to a Flinders topic, but has a significant similarity, you may, in some cases, be exempted from components of a topic. Please ask your Faculty contact for further details.

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible for credit if you have undertaken study at a registered training organisation or tertiary institution, either in Australia or overseas, including TAFE/VET.

Study undertaken at overseas institutions will be recognised as long as the study is considered to be equivalent to the level of education in Australian registered training organisations or tertiary institutions.

Students transferring from one Flinders degree to another

If you have completed topics within a degree at Flinders and wish to transfer to another degree at Flinders you may want to apply for credit transfer.

This is not an automatic process so you will need to lodge an application, however it is not necessary for you to provide an academic transcript or syllabus.

Students from other Australian universities

Credit may be granted for studies successfully completed at any accredited Australian higher education institution.

Students from TAFE/VET

In most cases you need to have completed a qualification at Certificate IV level or higher in order to be considered for credit transfer. Credit may be given to a maximum of 54 units (towards a 3-year degree) for holders of a completed TAFE diploma, associate diploma, advanced diploma, degree or equivalent.

If your qualification is related to the degree you wish to undertake at Flinders, you will receive credit based on a comparison of the subjects already completed to the topics that are required in your chosen degree.

If you are studying/have studied for a TAFE/VET qualification Search for Credit to see if your qualification is listed. Otherwise, we will assess your qualification individually.

If your qualification is not related to the degree you wish to undertake at Flinders you may be entitled to a minimum amount of credit.

TAFE/VET qualification Minimum credit*
Certificate IV 4.5 units
Diploma 9 units
Advanced Diploma 13.5 units
Associate Degree 13.5 units

* Minimum credit: There may be instances where minimum credit may not be granted because the undergraduate program needs to meet the requirements of professional or registration bodies.

Search for your qualification to establish the minimum credit that may be granted for the qualification you wish to undertake at Flinders University.

TAFElink provides a guaranteed entry pathway for applicants who have completed a TAFE/VET certificate 4 or higher level qualification (provided the applicant meets the course prerequisite requirements). Refer to guaranteed entry pathway for TAFE/VET students for further information.

Note: Students studying full-time are expected to undertake 18 units in each semester (36 units per year) to complete their degree within the specified period (eg 108 units for a three year degree).

Students from overseas institutions

Credit for studies at overseas tertiary institutions will be awarded on the same basis as that for studies within Australian institutions, subject to those studies being assessed by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR), or an equivalent body, as comparable to tertiary level studies in Australia.

John has completed the Diploma of Nursing (Pre-enrolment) at TAFE/VET. He will receive up to 36 units of credit (equivalent to 1 year of full-time study) towards the Bachelor of Nursing.

Erika has completed some topics towards the Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry) at Flinders University but has now decided to transfer to the Bachelor of Science. She will receive some credit towards the Bachelor of Science based on the topics already completed.

Andrew was undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (BA) at a university in Victoria but has now moved to South Australia. Andrew gained entry to the BA at Flinders and applied for credit transfer. He may be eligible for a maximum credit of two thirds of the degree, provided the topic content is similar.

Sarah is applying for a 36 unit Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care at Flinders University. She has completed a Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care Nursing with the New South Wales College of Nursing. She will receive 18 units (4.5 units specified and 13.5 units unspecified) of credit towards the Diploma at Flinders, leaving 18 units to complete.

Further information and contacts

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