The inaugural Flinders Learning & Teaching Week ran from 5-9 December 2016. Structured around the University’s Values and Ethos, from the 2025 Agenda: Student Centred, Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Excellence, the program included a range of activities from grant funded project reports, inspiring examples of good teaching practice, models of assessment, demonstrations and discussions.

The 2016 Flinders Learning & Teaching Week was a great success with 333 registrations, 31 events and over 80 attendees at the award ceremony for the 2016 Vice-Chancellor Awards and Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant recipients. Across the week there was also many conversations, with ideas generated and networks established.

Planning is already underway to make the 2017 Flinders Learning & Teaching Week even better. You can be part of this exciting event, why not join us as a presenter, facilitate a discussion session, or run a teaching demonstration? Contact us with your ideas.