TAFElink – guaranteed entry

TAFElink is a guaranteed entry pathway if you’ve completed a TAFE/VET Certificate 4 or higher level qualification (provided you meet the course prerequisite requirements).

Your TAFE/VET qualification does not need to be related to your selected area of study at Flinders and with credit offered in most Flinders courses for holders of TAFE/VET qualifications, you can reduce the time required to complete the Flinders course.

All you need to do is decide what course you wish to study, check your eligibility, and apply via SATAC.

Guaranteed courses available with TAFElink

Courses with guaranteed offer with an Advanced Diploma

SATAC codeCourse
234741B Arts/Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)
234751B Arts/Master of Teaching (Primary R-7)
234761B Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
224461B Business (Advanced Leadership)
224491B Commerce (Advanced Leadership)
234731B Creative Arts (Costume Design) (VET Pathway) (in a related field)
224021B Education (Early Childhood and Special Education)/B Disability Studies
214751B Education (Early Childhood)/B Arts
234711B Education (Secondary)/B Special Education
234681B Education (Secondary)/B Arts
234691B Education (Secondary)/B Health Sciences
234701B Education (Secondary)/B Science
224541B Education (Secondary Schooling/B Languages
214971B Education (Primary R - 7)/B Arts
224031B Education (Primary R - 7 and Special Education)/B Disability Studies
234061B Education (Primary R-7)/B General Science
234771B General Science/Master of Teaching (Primary R-7)
234791B Languages/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
214421B Medical Science
214431B Midwifery
214721B Science (Honours) - Enhanced Program for High Achievers
234781B Science/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
214352B Speech Pathology

Courses with guaranteed offer with Diploma or above

SATAC CodeCourse
234011B Arts and Science
214051B Behavioural Science (Psychology)
214052B Behavioural Science (Psychology) combined degrees
224471B Commerce (Accounting)
224472B Commerce (Accounting) combined degrees
224481B Commerce (Accounting/Finance)
234621B Commerce (Business Economics)
234631B Commerce (Business Economics) combined degrees
224501B Commerce (Finance)
224502B Commerce (Finance) combined degrees
224511B Commerce (Finance/Economics)
234071B Communication and Professional Writing
224981B Community Services (VET pathway) (In a related field)
224431B Computer Science (Honours)
234031B Computer Science (Simulation & Serious Games) (Honours)
224781B Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours)
224782B Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours) combined degrees
224791B Engineering (Civil) (Honours)
224792B Engineering (Civil) (Honours) combined degrees
234081B Engineering (Computer and Network Systems) (Honours)
234091B Engineering (Computer and Network Systems) (Honours) combined degrees
224811B Engineering (Electrical) (Honours)
224812B Engineering (Electrical) (Honours) combined degrees
224821B Engineering (Electronics) (Honours)
224822B Engineering (Electronics) (Honours) combined degrees
224831B Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)
224832B Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) combined degrees
234591B Engineering (Maritime) (Honours)
224841B Engineering (Robotics) (Honours)
224842B Engineering (Robotics) (Honours) combined degrees
224851B Engineering (Software) (Honours)
224852B Engineering (Software) (Honours) combined degrees
234611B Public Administration (VET pathway) (In a related field)
214181B Health Sciences
214182B Health Sciences combined degrees
214871B Health Sciences/Grad Dip Environmental Health Practice
224441B Information Technology (Honours)
234051B Information Technology (Digital Health Systems) (Honours) *from 2016
224451B Information Technology (Digital Media) (Honours)
224711B Information Technology (Network & Cybersecurity Systems) (Honours)
224641B Mathematical Sciences (Honours)
224651B Psychological Science
224941B Psychological Science combined degrees
234361B Science (Honours) (Animal Behaviour)
234461B Science (Honours) (Marine Biology and Aquaculture)
234371B Science (Honours) (Biodiversity and Conservation)
234541B Science (Honours) (Biotechnology)
234381B Science (Honours) (Chemical Sciences)
234391B Science (Honours) (Clean Technology)
234401B Science (Honours) (Coasts and Oceans)
234411B Science (Honours) (Energy and Advanced Materials)
234421B Science (Honours) (Environmental Science)
234431B Science (Honours) (Forensic and Analytical Science)
234921B Science (Honours) (Geography)
234441B Science (Honours) (Hydrology)
234451B Science (Honours) (Marine Biology)
234471B Science (Honours) (Molecular Bioscience)
234481B Science (Honours) (Nanotechnology)
234491B Science (Honours) (Physics)
224761B Social Work

Courses with guaranteed offer with Certificate 4 or above

SATAC codeCourse
214591B Applied Geographical Information Systems
214592B Applied Geographical Information Systems combined degrees
214021B Archaeology
214031B Arts
234111B Arts pathway to Master of Teaching (Primary R-7)
234121B Arts pathway to Master of Teaching (Secondary)
234671B Arts (Education (Secondary) Pathway)
234141B Arts (Education (Primary R-7) Pathway)
214761B Business
214762B Business combined degrees
234901B Business (Innovation and Enterprise)
224361B Business (Management)
224362B Business (Management) combined degrees
224371B Business (Marketing)
224372B Business (Marketing) combined degrees
224401B Business (Human Resource Management)
224402B Business (Human Resource Management) combined degrees
224411B Business (International Business)
224412B Business (International Business) combined degrees
234201B Commerce
214821B Computer Science
214822B Computer Science combined degrees
234021B Computer Science (Simulation & Serious Games)
234721B Creative Arts (Costume Design)
224901B Creative Arts (Fashion)
224911B Creative Arts (Visual Arts)
224771B Design and Technology Innovation
224772B Design and Technology Innovation combined degrees
224561B Disability and Developmental Education
224565B Disability and Developmental Education (external)
214811B Engineering Science
214812B Engineering Science combined degrees
234601B Public Administration
214201B Information Technology
214202B Information Technology combined degrees
224551B Information Technology (Digital Media)
224552B Information Technology (Digital Media) combined degrees
224701B Information Technology (Network & Cybersecurity Systems)
224702B Information Technology (Network & Cybersecurity Systems) combined degrees
224991B International Relations
224992B International Relations combined degrees
214841B International Tourism
214842B International Tourism combined degrees
234641B Law and Society
234642B Law and Society combined degrees
234651B Law and Society (Law Pathway)
214921B Languages
224922B Languages combined degrees
224631B Mathematical Sciences
224731B Media Arts
234661B Criminology
234662B Criminology combined degrees
214311B Nursing (Pre-Registration)
214312B Nursing (Pre-Registration) (Riverland)
234511B Science
234512B Science combined degrees
234211B Science (Animal Behaviour)
234212B Science (Animal Behaviour) combined degrees
234221B Science (Biodiversity and Conservation)
234222B Science (Biodiversity and Conservation) combined degrees
234231B Science (Chemical Sciences)
234232B Science (Chemical Sciences) combined degrees
234521B Science (Biotechnology)
234522B Science (Biotechnology) combined degrees
234241B Science (Clean Technology)
234242B Science (Clean Technology) combined degrees
234251B Science (Coasts and Oceans)
234252B Science (Coasts and Oceans) combined degrees
234261B Science (Energy and Advanced Materials)
234262B Science (Energy and Advanced Materials) combined degrees
234281B Science (Forensic and Analytical Science)
234282B Science (Forensic and Analytical Science) combined degrees
234911B Science (Geography)
234291B Science (Hydrology)
234292B Science (Hydrology) combined degrees
234301B Science (Marine Biology)
234302B Science (Marine Biology) combined degrees
234311B Science (Marine Biology and Aquaculture)
234312B Science (Marine Biology and Aquaculture) combined degrees
234321B Science (Molecular Bioscience)
234322B Science (Molecular Bioscience) combined degrees
234331B Science (Nanotechnology)
234332B Science (Nanotechnology) combined degrees
234341B Science (Physics)
234342B Science (Physics) combined degrees
234001B Science (Science Policy & Communication) (not offered 2017)
224741B Sport, Health and Physical Activity
214361B Theology
214365B Theology (external)